Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lies, Damned lies, and Pinterest

Here's the thing, I actually really love Pinterest.

I didn't understand the point of it at first. "Another social media thing? But just the links? Wait, so it's just for pictures? I don't get it."

Then I got into DIY, and then I got it.

But here's the other thing: I really hate lies. All kinds of lies - little white lies, damned lies, and gross exaggerations. I hate being told something is super-simple....if you have a candy thermometer and a flame thrower. I hate being told I'm going to get 50 tips to get my home beautiful while spending under a dollar, and finding out it's actually 50 links, each of which will require me to reload a page. Slowly and carefully, and will take me until next Tuesday. I hate being told I can sew all my own clothes in under half an hour, but clicking on the link and discovering that that's only if I have a sewing machine. Hellllooo?? Who has a sewing machine anymore??

And so, I created this blog. To call out those Pinterest lies. To sew that damned dress from scratch, even if it takes 8 hours. To boldly go where no blogger has gone before.

A little about myself:

I *could* be a classical pinteresting lady. I am, in many ways, Martha Stewarts and Betty crocker's secret love child. I make bread from scratch, I compost, I buy organic (but only because I'm lazy and they deliver to my door and then I don't have to decide what vegetables to buy), I'm anti-consumerist, and most of my clothes come from clothing swaps.

I'm not a home-schooling mom, I don't really know the right way around a drill, and I do not have a composting toilet (despite my mother's encouragement that they're not really that gross.) Also, I kill plants.

This is my blog.

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